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North Forum Festive Support Leaflet

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Central Forum Festive Support Leaflet

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North Aberdeenshire NEWS 

Recovery Week in Aberdeenshire has been very successful and has now come to an end but recovery doesn’t stop here.  We are proud to introduce you to a series of film clips produced by The ADP North Community Forum Film Project to raise awareness and make recovery visible.

We proudly release the first  one:

‘What does recovery mean to you?’ – North Aberdeenshire community members speak about recovery:


…..  the second clip:

‘Support in your community’  – support services and peer support available in North Aberdeenshire


….. the third clip:

‘Support for families’ – peer support available for families affected by a loved one’s addiction in North Aberdeenshire


… the fourth clip …

that highlights the ongoing work of the ADP North Community Forum



More info about the ADP North community forum:


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Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Services

Alcohol and Drug services in Aberdeenshire have moved to a simplified access system.  All referrals for alcohol or drug issues and from any source; (professional or self referred) will be funnelled through a hub structure. 

Previous referral mechanisms will continue e.g  Sci-Gateway

Now contact can also be made by phone on 01224 594700

or through Drop In facilities at times and places throughout Aberdeenshire. 

This Service is for People That:

  • Are concerned about their substance use

  • Are affected by the substance use of others, e.g. loved ones, family, friends

  • Are concerned about any substance use e.g. alcohol, cannabis, illegal drugs, Novel Psychoactive Substances aka legal highs, prescription and/or over the counter medicines or  solvents

  • Are at any stage e.g. before use becomes problematic or in stable recovery and want support with employment, training or achieving other recovery goals

  • Are receiving addiction treatment e.g in primary care and would like additional recovery support.

  • Have recently experienced an overdose

  • Want any information about problematic alcohol or drug use

This has been established to:

Make access to Alcohol and Drug Services easier and quicker and to improve support throughout the recovery journey.
Provide support to people that are receiving treatment in Primary Care and would like additional intervention e.g employability support

Instructions to referrers

When making a referral, it is important where possible to provide, name, address and telephone number as workers will call people directly and arrange the continued contact.  It would also be helpful if any known risks or urgencies were indicated.

Posters/leaflets/cards can be ordered from the NHS Grampian Health Information Resource Service

/Aberdeenshire ADP & Aberdeenshire NHS Substance Misuse Service/