Aberdeenshire ADP Support Team Objectives

These are the objectives of the Support Team. They reflect the purpose of the team and form the basis for holding the team to account by the ADP Chair. They are designed to guide but not constrain activity and may change as circumstances change.

Perspective Team Objective
Improving Health
  • Strategy: Create, consult, review and update an alcohol and other drug strategy, supporting infrastructure & policy, agreed integrated care pathways and annual work plan that commands widespread stakeholder support.
  • Education: Work with partners to identify best practice in alcohol and other drug awareness and education and implement a systematic approach to its delivery across a wide range of settings.
  • Governance Framework: Develop, embed and implement a transparent governance framework to celebrate success and provide assurance to the public and partners that the full range of resources available are accessible, used wisely and performing to efficiently and effectively implement our strategic goals.
  • Commissioning: Develop and implement a robust evidence based commissioning process to secure value for money and achievement of the explicitly defined outcomes linked to our strategic goals.
Service Delivery and Organisation
  • Action Plans: Support and develop the capacity of partners including service providers to design and implement action plans that realise the achievement of our strategic goals.
  • Information Systems: Develop and implement information systems and processes that will share and provide intelligence to inform strategic decision making and day-to-day operational actions.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with service users, communities and partners to identify and assess need, monitor, and where relevant, challenge existing service provision and gauge where change may be necessary.
  • Provide Support: Guide, motivate, facilitate, participate in and support the work of the ADP, its subgroups, other relevant committees and any short life working groups.
Learning & Growth
  • Competency Framework: Develop and implement a competency framework to support staff retention, career progression and the achievement and maintenance of professional occupational standards for the Aberdeenshire alcohol and drug workforce.
  • Networking & influencing: Develop and maintain a high profile for the ADP and promote its agenda by influencing local and national planning groups and structures.
  • Evidence: Inform local decision making by a) commissioning reviews to synthesise and disseminate summaries of the contemporary evidence base; b) supplementing this with locally conceived and executed research where necessary; c) summarising recommended actions from local and national strategies and guidance.