About Us

The Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) is multi-agency partnership made up of senior decision making representatives of various agencies in Aberdeenshire.


The purpose of the ADP is to:

  • Develop an agreed 3 year strategy and engage partner agencies to contribute to its implementation.
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of the strategy and its measurable outcomes. Revise the strategy and influence performance accordingly.
  • Oversee and coordinate the work of the ADP Sub-Committees and ensure effective use of ADP funds in the achievement of the strategic goals.

The ADP meets four times a year. It is a public meeting and anyone is welcome to attend. A record of its work and current papers can be found here.


The ADP will achieve its purpose by:

  • Drawing all agencies into the ADP partnership and encouraging them to contribute resources and engage with the implementation of the strategy.
  • Liaising effectively with neighbouring ADP areas (Aberdeen City, Moray and¬†Angus) and progressing work on a collective basis where wise to do so.
  • Routinely monitoring progress against the ADP action plan and work of the ADP’s sub-committees.
  • Develop a Governance and Accountability Framework to regulate how resources are used, overseen and financial risks managed
  • Confirm that any funding awarded to a service has been used for what was intended.
  • Agree a means of identifying respective partners’ contribution of resources, a means of attracting alternative funding and assess the potential for pooling budgets.
  • Arrange periodic independent review of the effectiveness of our strategy to provide assurance to Aberdeenshire residents, ADP funders and the Scottish Government.
  • Provide a public account of the ADP’s performance and effectiveness of tax-payers money invested in drug and alcohol work in Aberdeenshire through publication of an annual report.


The ADP is chaired by:

Philip English, Partnership Manager, Health & Social Care Integration

Vice-Chair: David Rodger, Chief Executive of Aberdenshire Voluntary Action