Commissioning, Performance & Finance

The purpose of the Commissioning, Performance & Finance Group is to:
  • Lead the development and implementation of a systematic method for gaining, analysing and acting on intelligence about the pattern of harmful alcohol and drug use and the prevailing risks to individuals and communities to inform needs assessment and service commissioning.
  • Design and implement a joint means of transparent evidence based service commissioning for all statutory, private and voluntary agencies achieving best practice in the use of public money. Develop an agreed 3-year planning cycle from need identification, service specification, tendering, and assessment of bids, commencement, review and exit. Ensure there is a planned exit strategy or means for premature exit where no evidence of effectiveness is forthcoming. All commissioning across the partnership will be delegated to one partner under the direction of the Commissioning, Performance & Finance Sub-Committee.
  • Develop a performance management system to support partners’ contributions and progress within theADP action plan.
  • Formally report ADP performance to NHS Grampian and Aberdeenshire Council using Single Outcome Agreement and HEAT criterion.


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