Families, Children and Young People

The work of this group has been taken up elsewhere and this group no longer meets.


The purpose of the Families, Children and Young People Sub-Committee was to:

  • Contribute to the development of the Integrated Children’s Service Plan so that the experience and prospects of children and young people adversely affected by problematic use of alcohol or other drugs are improved.
  • In conjunction with NESCPC, review and address any deficits in the provision of up-to-date guidance to services in relation to children affected by problematic parental use of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Research, develop and commission a programme of interventions to help address unsafe parental attitudes around alcohol.
  • In conjunction with NESCPC, through the Pan-Grampian “Getting Our Priorities Right” group, support all alcohol and other drug services in Aberdeenshire that have contact with children and young people to operate within the frameworks of Getting Our Priorities Right” and “Hidden Harm”and in accordance with local NESCPC Getting Our Priorities Right guidelines andprotocols.
  • Maintain and develop the appropriate links and relationships between the ADAT and NESCPC.
  • In conjunction with NESCPC, help all relevant agencies address training needs associated with implementing GOPR action plans.
  • Report to both the ADAT and Joint Children’s Services Management Group.

Useful Documents

GORP Briefing for Staff