Justice Enforcement Licensing and Community Safety

The work of this group has been taken up elsewhere and this group no longer meets.


The purpose of the Justice, Enforcement, Licensing and Community Safety Sub-Committee was to:

  • Explore alternatives to custody for those that are found intoxicated in public and incapable of caring for them self to ensure they are safe, pose no risk to others and can subsequently access appropriate brief interventions.
  • Reduce the risk of people being killed or injured in an accidental dwelling fire due to intoxication by encouraging Service Users to take advantage of a Grampian Fire and Rescue Service free home fire safety visit
  • Reduce alcohol or other drug related offending, anti-social behaviour and violence through improved police visibility, intelligence and enforcement and in so doing encourage more people with substance use issues into services that can support their recovery.
  • Reduce reoffending by reducing the number of prisoners released from Peterhead and Grampian prisons with continuing alcohol and other drug issues and ensure that offenders can equitably access Aberdeenshire’s Recovery Oriented System of Care in custody and in the community.
  • Gather intelligence to enable us to target illegal alcohol sales and supply, particularly in relation to young people and to those already intoxicated.
  • Monitor the emergence of new substances through effective collection and sharing of intelligence in order to inform the Alcohol and Drug Partnership’s response.