Service Delivery


The purpose of the Service Delivery Sub-Committee is to:

  • Through effective engagement with the respective service management teams, drive continual improvement and service redesign in all family support, throughcare, harm reduction, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery services, ensuring high quality and accessible provision.
  • Monitor and develop staff competencies in dealing with alcohol and other drug issues.
  • Map out existing services, identifying where strengthening or streamlining is required. Shorten the overall journey of care to match agreed integrated care pathways.
  • Improve delivery arrangements such as streamlining single shared assessment, expansion of community pharmacy supplementary prescribing and adoption of quality standards.
  • Develop services so they can address the mental health and wellbeing needs of service users.
  • Promote co-location of services and staff where appropriate and promote closer working with services working with families and children.
  • Develop opportunities for access to services to be improved by joint working between substance misuse services and prison and police services.
  • Oversee service clinical governance arrangements to evaluate the quality and safety of services.
  • Ensure all services adhere to ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ principles.
  • Supports the recovery movement and learning how to develop services to so that they are supportingpeople who have problems with alcohol andother drugtowards their personal journey of recovery. We understand that recovery is not just about the individual, but also about communities. “Recovery. Linking Addiction Treatment & Communities of Recovery: A primer for addiction Counselors and Recovery coaches. William White, et al.”

A record of the work of the Service Delivery Sub-committee can be found here.

Information about Recovery can be found here.

The Service Delivery Tactical group is a strategic group which has been re-established.At the ADP Committee on 11th December 2012 it was agreed that the Redesign group had ended with the Redesign group being converted into the Banff and Buchan Service Improvement Group and the ADP Service Delivery Tactical Group and both will report to the ADP. It had been agreed that the Service Delivery Group will focus on strategic issues and the Improvement group on how to apply Recovery Orientated Systems of Care as agreed via the Steps to Improvement model and with that support achievement of recovery outcomes and HEAT A11 targets.

It was noted that there are a number of local and national developments which will impact on people who access our services as well as our partnership arrangements which include both key legislation and policy changes as well as operational practice, workforce development and the sharing across organisations and topic areas good practice.

ADP Service Delivery Tactical Action Plan

The Service Delivery Tactical Plan is a detailed agreed framework of actions agreed by the membership and underpinned by the ADP Local Delivery Plan.Members have agreed to focus on a small group of actions this year and progress the ADP strategic direction of travel in an achievable way.

Joint Strategic Commissioning Framework

Noted the 10 year Joint Strategic Commissioning Framework is being prepared for all care groups to consolidate partnership arrangements and ensure a focus on using joint resources to achieve shared outcomes which will enable local services to meet local need.This together with Self Directed Support and other influencing national and local levers are carefully considered by this group when directing action and change.

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