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New recovery cafe in Banchory

A new recovery café is starting on Wednesday 17th February at 1.30pm in Number One Scott Skinner Square Banchory. Your host is Kelvin. Free refreshments and soup lunch available. All welcome.


Another Wednesday

We have started a new group in the south called “Another Wednesday” bringing together the local recovery community and learning new baking skills.

Another Wednesday is running weekly on a Wednesday up to the end of April. It is held at the Community Centre Stonehaven and is from 10.00am to 2.00pm. It is a hands on group, and everybody gets a chance to bake. We have made various types of scones, cookies, sweets, tarts, mince pies and iced biscuits. We also have tea and coffee and make sandwiches for lunch. Even if you don’t wish to bake you are welcome to join us. We have had some fantastic results from people who have never baked before!

Chris Wright (chris.wright@aberdeenshire.gov.uk  07341 788238) is the contact for Another Wednesday.




South Community Forum Annual Report 2015/16


At the June 2015 South Community Forum meeting we discussed the barriers which might stop people from attending meetings. These were:

  • Geographical Barriers
  • Transport Issues/Cost
  • Caring responsibilities – childcare or other family member
  • The times of meetings: people have employment or have to work around school etc.
  • Ability to access information – not everyone has access to a computer and literacy issues
  • Lack of awareness
  • Anxieties over attending Forums – self-confidence, being seen attending a meeting, not having a good day

In response, the South Community Forum has made a commitment to the following principles:

  • Where possible, meetings will move around the area to enable most people to have the opportunity to attend.
  • Transport will be made available and expenses will be reimbursed.
  • When there is a need we will fund appropriate local childcare costs
  • Those with caring responsibilities can ask the forum for support to attend.
  • We will vary the times of meetings, seeking to have at least one meeting a year in the evening to enable those who work during the day to attend.
  • Information will be made available in hard copy and key workers will be encouraged to disseminate information to their clients.
  • The forum will seek to promote its meetings and work via social media and the press
  • The forum will identify members to “meet and greet” new members attending meetings.
  • Meetings will move around enabling people to attend anonymously in other communities.




The Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership’s South Aberdeenshire Community Forum is your forum in south Aberdeenshire, where people meet and create solutions to local needs around drugs, alcohol and recovery. People living, working or studying in South Aberdeenshire are invited to join the community forum, so that together we can achieve positive changes for our communities.

For more information please contact: Kirsty Forrester – email me on kirsty.forrester@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or call me at Stonehaven Community Centre on  01569 762688 (Monday and Tuesdays)

The purpose of the South Aberdeenshire Alcohol Drugs and BBV Forum is to:

  • Provide an organised forum for local views from service providers, carers and service users to identify unmet need and inform the work of the ADP.
  • Draw from insight of front line alcohol and drug workers and service user ‘lived experience’.
  • Establish informal self maintained family support and self-help recovery networks.
  • Liaise effectively on matters of common interest with other local groups such as local Community Safety Groups.

South Aberdeenshire in respect of the South Aberdeenshire Alcohol Drugs and BBV forum is geographically made up of the Aberdeenshire school boundaries and as such takes in the areas represented by Mackie Academy, Mearns Academy, Portlethen Academy, Alford Academy, Banchory Academy and Aboyne Academy school areas. Anyone living, working, studying or having an interest in alcohol and other drugs issues in these areas may join the forum membership, attend the meetings or keep abreast of the developments of the forum via the web pages.

Dates of forthcoming meetings and a record of the work of the South Aberdeenshire Alcohol Drugs and BBV Forum can be found here.

Updated Terms of Reference to follow.

People living and working in South Aberdeenshire are invited to make funding applications to the forum for small projects or events that will impact on alcohol and drug related issues locally.

Applications are open to all members of the forum, however projects can approach members to support an application on their behalf. Successful applicants may be requested to become a member and or attend forum meetings regularly to update on their project.

Decision Form
Progress Report
Funding Form Application

Useful Documents

Aberdeenshire ADP South Community Forum Annual Report 2015/16

Report – Serenity Cafe Trip
Report – Fishing Project
Progress report/update on Life Coaching which the South Forum funded.
Computer Courses & Access Booklet


The South Aberdeenshire Alcohol Drugs and BBV Forum is chaired by:

Jean Henretty, Chair

Kelvin Tonner, V-ce Chair

Forum Treasurer:

Chrissie Gutteridge